Cravit Approach to Employee Development

We want to invest in our employees success. In a world where businesses strive to stay ahead, we recognize that the key to our success lies in the continuous development and satisfaction of our team. This blog delves into our approach to employee onboarding, development, and retention, highlighting how these strategies contribute not only to individual growth but also to customer satisfaction.

Investing in Onboarding Excellence:

At Cravit, we understand that the first impression is crucial. That's why we've designed a comprehensive onboarding program that sets the stage for success from day one. The Partner Onboarding: Project Leader Course is a flagship 7-week program tailored for Odoo Partner teams aspiring to become proficient Business Analysts or Project Managers. This course not only imparts essential skills but also immerses new team members in our culture, values, and the dynamic world of Odoo.

Sophie Visser, a finanical consultant at Cravit that just joined Cravit, shares her thoughts on the impact of Cravit's training programs on her professional development:

And Floris Klaassen started as sales manager new business shared his experience about the Partner Onboarding: Project Leader Course. 

Sophie's insights highlight the holistic approach Cravit takes in its training. Through a combination of training videos, real-world Use Cases, and interactive sessions with a dedicated trainer, the program goes beyond functional knowledge. Sophie emphasizes the importance of understanding Odoo's implementation methodology, project management skills, and the invaluable opportunity to directly engage with trainers. This comprehensive training not only equips team members like Sophie with a solid foundation of functional knowledge but also empowers them to confidently navigate and contribute to projects. 

Cravit not only aims to cultivate technical experts but also emphasizes the importance of effective customer interaction. The interactive nature of the lessons facilitated an environment where ideas are exchanged and appreciated, fostering a culture of engagement. Floris conveys this message.

At Cravit, we believe that the success of our employees is the cornerstone of our collective success. 

Specialized Training for Expertise:

Recognizing the unique skill sets required in different roles, we've tailored specialized Smartclasses to ensure our consultants are at the forefront of industry knowledge. Our Financial Consultants undergo an intensive two-day Smartclass focusing on Advanced Accountancy, equipping them with the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of financial systems effectively.

Similarly, our Supply Chain Consultants engage in a rigorous two-day Smartclass centered on Advanced Inventory & MRP, covering the latest features of Odoo version 17. This targeted training approach ensures that our team members are not just employees but experts in their fields, ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

Continuous Learning Culture:

At Cravit, we don't see learning as a one-time event but as a lifelong journey. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in ongoing learning opportunities, workshops, and access to the latest industry insights. We believe that a culture of learning is a culture of growth, and this philosophy is embedded in every aspect of our organization.

Keeping it Interesting:

To keep our employees engaged and excited about their work, we believe in providing a balance of freedom and responsibility. Our team members are empowered to take ownership of their projects, fostering creativity and innovation. We understand that a happy team is a productive team, and we actively encourage a positive and collaborative work environment.

Employee Satisfaction and Customer Success:

Happy employees are at the heart of satisfied customers. When our team is motivated, engaged, and continually growing, it translates into better service for our customers. The expertise gained through our training programs directly benefits our clients, ensuring that they receive the highest quality solutions and support.


At Cravit, our commitment to employee onboarding, development, and satisfaction is not just about attracting top talent but about cultivating a team that stays and thrives. By investing in our employees, we invest in the success of our business and, ultimately, the success of our customers. As we continue on this journey of growth, we look forward to welcoming more talented individuals into our team and witnessing the collective achievements that lie ahead. Join us at Cravit, where your success is our success.

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