The solid transition
to Odoo

With Odoo all business processes in order? Fact. And so intuitive that everyone can work with it? Absolute. So, one push of a button and start? Unfortunately not.

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As simple as Odoo is...

However simple the system is, process optimization is not. We are very honest about that. A change like this requires time, attention, and concessions across the entire organization. There will be mistakes and there will be frustrations. Inevitable, but certainly no reason not to. In the end, Odoo delivers more than what it cost. We promise.

About Odoo

This is how we

ensure a solid transition

to Odoo

Implementing an ERP environment is more than just technology, it is the realization of innovation and progress in your organization. Translating your business processes to Odoo in such a way that a real contribution is made to your business development. Not just for the short term, but for the long term.

All expertise in one place


Realists in implementations

Co-makership with a dedicated customer team  


Extensive international experience


Years of Odoo experience



Our implementation methodology is goal-oriented based on the realization of milestones. Everything aimed at achieving your goals, in time, functionality, acceptance and budget. Achieving the desired end result together with the entire organization. Working together to ensure optimal operation, that is what we aim for.

    Project management



A Functional Design is determined per functional work area based on a Project Initiation Document and the Business Process. This is done on the basis of Cravit's standard templates, which include the standard Odoo functionality. This makes it possible to quickly determine a clear picture of the requirements, wishes and the fit-gap at a detailed level.

    Functional design
    Technical design
    Odoo Installation


Support & Maintenance

Thanks to a service level agreement (SLA), the customer has a guarantee on the availability and involvement of Cravit to follow up on any requested improvements and extensions and to ensure the continuity of the Odoo production environment.  

    Structural assigned team
    Continuously optimizing  

International experience

Offices run with Odoo supported by Cravitt

Valuable Implementations 

You are in good company





is the half work

That's why we like to show a demo first and get to know each other personally. This is followed by a "Proof of Concept" so that we are really sure that we can meet the expectations. Based on a thorough implementation plan, we are happy to work together from a "co-makership".