New headquarters

New office in Breda

Cravit's new head office is located at the central station in Breda. This modern station is equipped with business areas that overlook the platforms and the bus station. BDO accountants and the Tax and Customs Administration are also located here. The building is beautiful and modern and has already won an award for Best Building from the Association of Dutch Architects (NBA).

New address

Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard 85, 4811 BC Breda

Accessible via the Stationslaan - West offices

Er moet een adres worden opgegeven om een kaart in te sluiten

From the new office we can travel all over Europe by train in a few hours! That fits in with the international character of Cravit.




We also wanted to offer our employees an office space that is easily accessible. Located at the station, we encourage everyone to come by train. Even with a lease car, your public transport ticket will be reimbursed. It is a modern and fresh office building where we want to create a pleasant workplace for everyone. There is also room for our try-out odoo room where you can really experience Odoo.

From the windows in front of the office you can see the buses, trains and cars arriving.

We would love it  

if you came to see our new office!

Growing pains
It is our belief that the fear of growing pains should never be a reason to stay small.