Odoo version 17

Odoo 17 has officially landed, and the excitement is palpable! Faster, more secure, and armed with cutting-edge AI solutions, this latest version promises a revolution in how businesses operate. At Cravit, we're eager to explore the myriad enhancements and new features that come with Odoo 17, shaping the landscape of enterprise management.


Redefining Design: A Visual Transformation

The elephant in the room? Odoo's complete redesign! While we bid farewell to the iconic purple, the new design encapsulates everything Odoo stands for – clean, exciting, intuitive, and, above all, geared towards making your workdays better. A fresh UI overhaul is a testament to Odoo's commitment to continuous improvement, evolving one feature at a time over the past decade. 

Industry Library: A Jumpstart for Database Building

The Industry Library in Odoo 17 is a game-changer for businesses navigating the labyrinth of 70+ apps. No more starting from scratch; simply choose your industry, and related apps are automatically installed with preconfigured business flows and demo data. A powerful tool not just for clients and partners but set to flourish with community collaboration.

Point of Sale Revamped: Modern Solutions for Modern Businesses

The Point of Sale (PoS) in Odoo 17 underwent significant changes, bringing state-of-the-art features to restaurants and shops. From QR code ordering to self-service kiosks, the new Kitchen Display app streamlines order processing. Customizing menus is now easier with features like combos and improved variants, while integration with Appointments facilitates online table bookings. 

AI Integration: ChatGPT Enhances Text Across Apps

Enter ChatGPT – Odoo 17 integrates this revolutionary AI tool across various apps. Generate alternative text or start from scratch with a prompt, offering endless possibilities for Knowledge articles, marketing campaigns, email templates, and even auto-generated website content aligned with your business..

Website Scraper: Transform Any Website into an Odoo Page

Embarking on an Odoo journey? The new website scraper feature allows you to transform any website into an Odoo page seamlessly. Additionally, the shift to WebP format images ensures better page load times and improved SEO rankings, enhancing the overall visitor experience. 

Your Sales' Secret Weapons: Quotation Builder and Improved Catalog

For sales teams, Odoo 17 introduces a quotation builder, enabling the creation of personalized quotations with detailed product descriptions, images, custom messages, and terms. The product catalog gets a facelift, providing a complete view of all products with just one click.

WhatsApp Integration: Strengthening Customer Relationships

In response to user demands, Odoo now integrates with WhatsApp. From sending sales order confirmations to customized messages, this integration strengthens customer relationships, offering a powerful communication tool within the Odoo ecosystem.

Supply Chain Innovations: Manufacturing, Inventory, and Barcode

Manufacturing, Inventory, and Barcode modules receive significant updates. The new Manufacturing Order Overview simplifies replenishment, while the Shop Floor app transforms work center operations. Barcode scanning for manufacturing orders and a revamped picking flow in the Inventory app streamline supply chain processes.

HR Apps Reinvented: Employees, Attendance, and Payroll

Odoo's HR apps see a significant overhaul, with redesigned Employees and Attendance modules. A new homeworking module, geolocalization tracking, and improved localization packages cater to diverse international HR needs.

Accounting Advancements: Localization Packages and Peppol Support

Accounting in Odoo 17 introduces improved localization packages for various countries, including Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain. Peppol support enhances e-invoicing, and a scam protection feature warns against potentially fraudulent transfers.

New Apps: Meeting Rooms, Frontdesk, To-do

Introducing three new apps – Meeting Rooms, Frontdesk, and To-do. The Meeting Rooms app simplifies room management, Frontdesk enhances visitor experience, and To-do, a revamped version of the Notes app, becomes a powerful productivity tool.

Conclusion: Elevating Productivity with Odoo 17

In conclusion, Odoo 17 emerges as a feature-packed Odyssey, offering a plethora of enhancements across modules. From the Industry Library to AI integration and revamped applications, the latest version is poised to elevate productivity and redefine the way businesses operate. As enthusiasts of Odoo at Cravit, we're excited to leverage these innovations for ourselves and our clients, ushering in a new era of efficiency and collaboration. Try Odoo 17 for free and embark on your own journey of enhanced business management!

Celebrating Growth and Innovation: Unveiling the Odoo Experience 2023 Journey