Streamlining Healthcare Supply Chains

The Zorgservice XL Advantage
The successful implementation of the Odoo ERP system at Zorgservice XL demonstrates the power of integrated solutions in the healthcare sector. In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, efficient logistics are crucial. This enables hospitals to focus on their core tasks. 

 Zorgservice XL, as a pioneer in providing complete procurement and logistical processes for hospitals in the Netherlands, has successfully transitioned to the Odoo ERP system with the assistance of Cravit. 

This transformation from SAP to Odoo, spread over 10 months, has enabled Zorgservice XL to streamline the supply chain, financial administration, and support, creating optimal conditions for hospitals. 

Zorgservice XL  

Background of Zorgservice XL

 Zorgservice XL, as the sole player in the Netherlands providing the entire process from procurement to invoice handling, is dedicated to supporting hospitals. With a focus on facilitating efficient goods and services flows in the end-to-end supply chain, Zorgservice XL allows hospitals to concentrate on their core activities. 

Vision of Zorgservice XL 

In an era where healthcare costs are steadily rising, Zorgservice XL plays a crucial role in managing this increase. Through consolidation of strength and professionalism, Zorgservice XL counters the power of suppliers, enabling hospitals to procure at optimal conditions and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances in the healthcare sector  

Contribution of Cravit

Cravit's role in ERP implementation 

As a partner in this transformation, Cravit has aided in the successful migration from SAP to the Odoo ERP system. With an impressive scope covering 5 hospitals, 1 Fulfilment Center, 35,000 employees, and 1,600 Odoo users, the implementation was a complex but necessary process to maximize operational efficiency.  

Scope of the implementatie

Cravit has implemented a wide range of Odoo modules to streamline various aspects of the operation. The implemented modules include:   

Impressive Statistics 

Warehouse locations 
label printers

Odoo processes for Zorgservice XL per year: 

€ 300 mln.

Selection of Odoo ERP

  • Complete Solution: The modular structure of the Odoo ERP provided Zorgservice XL with a comprehensive solution that could be tailored to their specific needs, including inventory management, procurement, and order processing.
  • Scalability: With 1,600 users across various departments, Odoo's scalability ensured that the ERP system could grow with the organization. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Odoo's user-friendly interface was crucial in ensuring broad acceptance and reducing the learning curve for the large user base..

Positive Results

  • Improved Efficiency: The implementation of the Odoo ERP system significantly improved the efficiency of Zorgservice XL's operations.
  • Real-Time Visibility: The centralized platform provided real-time visibility into inventory levels and logistical statuses, enabling proactive management and minimizing shortages or excess inventory..
  • Improved Ordering Functions: User portals and cabinet scanning have been further optimized in hospitals. Nursing staff and logistics personnel can place orders more efficiently and have greater insight into order statuses and approval processes.

Future Perspectives

With the successful implementation of Odoo, Zorgservice XL now has an optimized system that enables them to ensure item availability and streamline logistical processes. This results in optimal service at acceptable costs. The migration from SAP to Odoo in 10 months testifies to the dedication and expertise of the team at Cravit.

The future looks promising for Zorgservice XL, supported by a flexible and scalable Odoo ERP system that enables them to adapt to the ongoing changes in the healthcare sector. Cravit's contribution to this transformation confirms their role as a trusted partner in driving operational efficiency and growth for healthcare businesses.


Our gratitude goes to all Zorgservice XL employees who have made a tremendous contribution to the success of the Odoo implementation. The collaboration serves as an example of how all knowledge and dedication can collectively lead to excellent results. Together, we have achieved an enormously great feat of which everyone can be proud

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