The modern move

Cravit has a new office

Cravit moved to a new, larger premises above Breda central on the 25th of October. Normally, a move is a hefty project, but since Cravit's entire business process is in Odoo, it didn't take much to get back to work in the new office as soon as possible.

Moving with ease

Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), with everything integrated into one system. It is a modern software; the whole system can be viewed on laptops and mobile devices. "All we need here is an internet connection and some desks," says Peter, founder of Cravit. Even with a setback; the late delivery of the wifi point, the move remained a breeze. "Because of Odoo, we can also work via our 4G in the office, so missing the wifi was not a problem," he proudly explains. "In addition, we didn't expect everything to take a little longer, such as the wifi and the set-up," adds Rachel, Cravit's project management officer, "but because Odoo allows everyone to work from home so easily, this delay didn't cause any difficulties." Since everything is thus online with Odoo, there is also no paperwork, saving many moving boxes and effort. All these factors made this big move easy.

Environmentally conscious

Because of this paperless way of working, Cravit is thus also environmentally conscious. Missing out on paperwork is not the only thing Cravit contributes to the environment. Peter: "we now encourage our employees to come by train, since we are located above the central station." The train is also reimbursed by the company, so they are more likely to leave the car at home. "So this way, the environmentally conscious option, the train, is also faster and cheaper."


"Actually, there is only one day a week that everyone is at the office," says Peter, "most days we are with customers". "As a result, customers are not going to notice anything from the move either, except more invitations to the office!" The new location and the office itself are slightly more inviting, so Cravit will be more likely to bring their clients to the office.

Coming back to the few office hours; Cravit is very modern in terms of working hours. Peter explains that their main concerns are responsibilities and customer satisfaction. "Our people can work when they want, where they want and how they want". So there is a very flexible and open culture within the company, which is thus made possible by Odoo. "As long as there is internet, we can just keep going," says Peter.

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