Odoo DocuSign

Working as flexibly as possible with digitally signing all documents

Get your documents signed faster.

Simplify your processes and increase your productivity. Send, sign and approve documents online.



Odoo Sign is a fast and easy way to send, sign and approve documents. Prepare contracts by dragging blocks into the document for parties to complete. Send the signature request in seconds and track the status of sent documents.

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Reduce costs

Forget about hidden costs like printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding and posting. Everything is available online, from any device. Never lose important documents again.

Save time

Waiting days or even weeks for all parties to sign your documents is a thing of the past. With Odoo Digital Signature you close your deals in just a few clicks.

Reduce errors

Eliminate manual operations and improve the quality of the documents that are filled in and signed. Make sure parts that require signature are also signed.

 Reduce risks through this flexible way of working


Secure identification

All communications are encrypted to ensure that only authorized persons can access the content.

Document integrity

Odoo keeps the authoritative document under control at all times. Every activity on the document (reading, signing, etc.) is encrypted to ensure immutability of the document. An audit log report is available to all parties at any time.

100 % Legal

Documents signed via Odoo Sign are valid electronic signatures under EU Regulations 910/2014 (eIDAS), in and US ESIGN Act. They also meet electronic signature requirements in most countries.

Support every layer of your organization

Streamline your entire workflow and increase efficiency. You will experience the advantage in all departments; Sales, HRM and administration.

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