A leading assortment

Horkans is the largest retailer of garden and animal supplies in Ireland with 21 stores and 3 e-commerce websites. Odoo supports the entire primary process from the cash register systems in the stores and the e-commerce web shops to the financial administration and logistics.

Horkans manages more than 200,000 active relationships with over 22,500 active articles. Within Odoo 45 cash registers in 21 stores of 3 companies are managed. Horkans processes about 2000 orders per day and more than 2,500 stock transactions take place in the inter-shop warehouse structure.

Horkans has 'Click and collect' functionality from integrated webshop interfaces and extensive use of marketing tools, such as various discount strategies, loyalty programs and gift vouchers.

Users: 100
Industry: Retail & E-commerce
Customer since: 2018